Ted Waddell

Skybird Team Responsibilities:

Chief Pilot

Flight Experience:

34 Years of Military, Airline, Corporate,

and Charter Flying.

12,000+ total flight hours

3,000+ Gulfstream hours

No accidents or injuries


FAA and Military Certificates and Ratings:

Airline Transport Pilot

Jet Type Ratings: G650,G550, GIV, B-767, B-757,

Citation X, Citation V, LR-JET, L-188

U.S. Navy, Naval Aviator, Instrument Instructor,

P-3 Patrol Plane Commander


Professional Experience:

Major Airline Wide-Body Aircraft Pilot

Captain, Fortune 50 Corporate Flight Department

Captain United States Navy, Retired

Commanding Officer, award winning Navy Command


Other Certifications and Awards:

B.A. University of Southern California, Los Angeles,


Graduate, Naval Aviation Safety Officer Program,

Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, California

Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation and

Navy Achievement Medals awarded for achievements

Security Clearance


Personal Interests:



Fly Fishing

Mountain Biking