Safety Program

Providing an absolutely incredible flight is the result of Skybird’s meticulous attention to every detail – especially that of passenger safety. The proof evidenced by Skybird’s 41-year accident-free operating record. Safety First is more than a mantra, it’s the very fiber of our corporate culture and always will be.

An important aspect of our unrelenting safety is accountability. Skybird is a FAR 135 Certified Air Carrier and as such, we submit to quarterly audits conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We further supplement those efforts with audits conducted by two respected, independent, third-party evaluators – Argus and Wyvern. The two highest ratings of these evaluators are the Wyvern Wingman and the ARG/US Platinum Air Carrier; both of which Skybird has received. Skybird is also certified by the International Business Aviation Council as an IS-BAO Stage 3 operator.

To ensure optimum passenger wellbeing while in flight, all Skybird crewmembers are MedAire trained for “management of in-flight illnesses and injury.” Members of the Skybird crew are also trained for Aircraft Emergency Evacuation, First Aid, CPR and use of the on-board Automatic External Defibrillator.

Security & Privacy Program

Enjoying each flight is directly influenced by passengers’ peace of mind. At Skybird, our security protocols are fully compliant with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security guidelines and each crewmember attends annual TSA security training programs. As an added measure, Skybird monitors any international security threats using the US Department of State briefing materials.

We also understand the importance of privacy and have always operated with the utmost discretion regarding passenger identity. As a matter of policy, flight manifest and itinerary information is strictly guarded and any disclosure is based on a need-to-know standard.

Maintenance Program

The G650 is, in every way, a superior aircraft. As such, it requires a superior level of maintenance, which is why Skybird employs a full-time certified A&P aircraft mechanic. By doing so, we ensure all G650 inspections and maintenance are conducted as prescribed by the manufacturers’ requirements and schedule. Should heavy maintenance be required, Skybird contracts with Gulfstream for the completion of such work.

Both Skybird and Gulfstream track aircraft maintenance utilizing Gulfstream’s computerized maintenance program and in-house logbooks. Furthermore, the Skybird Aviation Maintenance Department is routinely inspected by the FAA Flight Standards District Office. The Skybird Maintenance Department is also audited by the outside auditing agencies of Wyvern and ARG/US and meets IS-BAO Standards and recommended practices of the International Business Aviation Council.